Monday, May 13, 2013

Google Calendar

Today I also utilized another one of Google's helpful tools.  It is called Google Calendar.  This can be very useful if you have several people with whom you need to share a calendar.  If you share the calendar with someone who also has a Gmail account, they can see the updates that you make on your calendar.  They can also add their events as well.  Google Calendar is not only limited to two people, but you can add many people to the same calendar.   This is also a printable calendar.

Google Hangouts

Like Google Voice, Google Hangout is another way to stay connected with people.  Google Hangouts can let you and nine other people have a video chat.  It also allows you to send massages, as well as just a phone call, so you can still be working as you are conversing about a topic. 

Google Voice

Google Voice is another very useful and helpful tool that Google offers.  Google Voice gives you a separate number for several phones.  So Google will give you a phone number that will call all phones.  You could hook up several phones to your account.  This feature could be very helpful for people who get calls from many people of many phones.  I would highly recommend utilizing Google Voice for your business, or just to make life easier.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have recently played around with Kerpoof.  Kerpoof is a cool site that lets you make a video, picture, story, or card.  I made a Mother's Day card for my mom, then I made a cowboy video, then I made a picture of a football scene, and finally, I drew a picture of a car. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today I finally made my ToonDoo Toon Book.  I started it a few days ago and now it is finally finished.  It is called "The Bully" and it is about a bully who billies a nerd because he is a nerd.  As it turns out, the nerd, Eugene, actually has a girlfriend that he is very happy with.  This is what my book looks like.   
 If you want to check out my profile, this is what it looks like.  My user name is "NayrEbmocal"  (It is my name backwards.)  Go check out my book on ToonDoo, or go make your own book today!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Primary Games

Today I played some games on Primary Games.  I'm sure most of you have heard of "Crazy Taxi."  That is the first game I played.  It is just a timeless classic.  The second game I played, and again, I'm sure you have heard of, is "Dune Buggy."  The next game I played was one that Taylor suggested to me.  It is called "Urban Basketball."  That game was very fun, and pretty self explanatory.  The last game I played was the most fun.  It was called "Pro Football."  It is just a basic football game where you have to avoid the defenders.  Go check out some of Primary Games now!!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ToonDoo Beginings

Today I played around with ToonDoo.  ToonDoo is a website that lets you make little comic strips or books.  As of right now I have four characters for my book.  This is what one of the characters looks like.  His name is Shade Baby. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Visitors to my Blog

Today I did some checking up on the people that are visiting my blog.  I used three different tools.  One was Flag Counter.  It was in my last post.  Since I have added that gadget to my blog, only people from America from visited my blog.  Including a person from California. 
The next gadget that I used was Feedjit.  I have also blogged about Feedjit.  This gadget I added a while ago, so it has more visitors.  What I thought was very cool, is that I had a different person from California, but also a person from Algeria. 
The last tool that I used to track my visitors is the one that Blogger supplies.  It gives me a very wide assortment of information about the people that visit my blog.  Right now, I am at 740 page views. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flag Counter

Another site that I visited today was Flag Counter.  This site is a lot like Feedjit because it can track your visitors.  Flag Counter put a flag on a map of where your visitors are from.

Flowers 2 Mail

Today I visited a virtual flower making website.  It is called Flowers 2 Mail.  This site lets you make a bouquet of flowers on the computer and then send them to a person via email.  It is a pretty easy way to send your mom a Mother's Day gift, or just to be nice to someone.  Go check it out right now!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Word Clouds

Today I went to two websites that make word clouds.  Word clouds are cool images because they can take a large text, and the words that are used the most in that text, will show up bigger.  The first website that I went to was Wordle.  I copied the best speech ever given: Michael Irvin's hall of fame speech from 2007.  It was so inspirational.
 The second site that I went to today was Tagxedo.  That site appeared to have more options as far as shapes, but not as many colors.  I went on the internet and found some random facts about elephants and then put them into am elephant shape.  Just for the heck of it. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Photo Editing

Today I visited some more photo editing websites.  One, was PhotoFunia.  This site lets you take a picture that you have on your computer,  and put it in different places like Times Square, Mt. Rushmore, or like I did, a graffiti wall. 
The other interesting website that I visited, and my favorite for today, was FotoFlexer.  FotoFlexer lets you do a wide assortment of photo editing.  I decided to put my face on the body of a super model and a kitteh.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

piZap/Pic Monkey

I had one of the most fun days today that I have had so far this semester.  I played around with two picture editing websites.  The first: Pic Monkey.  This website lets you add a filter, text, and many other fun effects.  For this picture, I added some text, and the color contrast. 

The second site that I visited was piZap.  I had the most fun on this site.   This site can let you either edit a photo, or you can make a collage of photos.  What I did was take a picture and edit it.  A lot.  As you can tell, I gave me some BLING!!

Go check out these sites right now!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Super Teacher Tools/Class Tools

I went to two sites the other day, and they were very fun.  One, Class Tools, is a cool website that has a feature that lets you make a Fakebook page.  It is similar to Facebook, but it is fake; hence the name Fakebook.  If you type in a name, it will search the internet and give you a profile picture of a popular person with that name.  I did The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. 
  The other website that I visited was Super Teacher Tools.  This site is the one that I had the most fun on.  There are several tools there that can be useful to teachers to liven up their classroom.  One game on there was hangman.  You could have a classmate type in a word or phrase and then you could guess it.
My favorite thing on Super Teacher Tools though, was Random Fact Desk.  Random Fact Desk gives you a random fact every ten seconds or so.  There are many facts on there that are cool and somewhat unsettling.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This is my Stykz video that I made.  Stykz is a downloadable program that is addicting because you are essentially making a flip-book.  You just place the images where you want to to create a video.  As you can tell, this is a pretty intense fight scene.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clay Yourself

Today I went to another avatar site.  This one is called Clay Yourself.  You can chose from a man or a woman, and then eyes, nose, hair, ears, shirt, and accessories.  I made mine of a football player.

Monday, March 25, 2013


These are a few games that I made on Proprofs!!  You can make your own games like hangman, word search, and many others, or, you can play other people's games!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I explored several sites that let you create avatars.  The first site that I visited was Build Yourself Wild.  That site lets you start out simple by making an avatar that you can resemble to look like yourself.  Then, it has you add different animal parts like wings, feet, tentacles, claws, and many other animal features.  This is the picture that I created.  Go check out Build Yourself Wild Now!!!
The next site that I visited was SP-Studio.  If you have ever watched South Park, you know that there are endless characters.  I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to create a South Park character.  This site lets you do that.  You can add weapons, glasses, facial hair, tattoos, endless combinations.  As you might expect, I did something football related, and made a South Park football player. 
The last avatar site that I created was DoppelMe.  This is another basic avatar creating site.  To get all of the options though, you must create an account.    

Friday, March 8, 2013

Panoramio and Google Offers

Today I explored two utensils that Google offers: Panoramio and Google Offers.  Panoramio is a cool gadget that involves Google Maps.  What you can do is, type in an address, or a place in the world, like this picture of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Also, what Panoramio does is if people have uploaded pictures from that spot, you can click on those pictures and see that area as a person would and not just from the sky. 

The other tool that I explored was Google Offers.  Google offers is a cool gadget that you can use to get items from around your area.  Google uses your location, and then it gives you several products that Google Offers, offers in a nearby city.  This is a picture of thermal stones.  They are really cool because you can freeze them, and put them in a cold drink, or, you could put them in the microwave and have them heat up our coffee or a different warm drink.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


iGoogle is one of the most useful things I have used this year.  It is kind of like an iPod or iPad because you can add gadgets.  There are all sorts of gadgets that you can add.  I added gadgets such as Calculator, LIVESTRONG Fitness Tip of the day, Google Calendar, games, and of course, several sports gadgets (if you can believe that).  The sports gadget is similar to ESPN applications.  It tells you scores of all the biggest college basketball, NBA, NFL, college football games, and many other different sports.  iGoogle also automatically has your e-mail on it; it is very handy to have your e-mail right there in front of you as you visit you iGoogle page.  Go set up your own iGoogle page right now!!!  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Google Maps

Google Maps is a cool tool that Google offers.  Most of you have heard of Google maps, and possibly have used Google maps.  You can get directions by typing in your starting address, and then typing in your final address, and Google Maps will give you directions to that place as well as how long it takes to get there by car, bike, train, or even by foot.   Google Maps can also be a fun, time-wasting toy.  I am guilty of wasting hours on this tool.  It is fun to go into satellite view, and then look for my house.-------------------------------------------------------------->

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Google Job Search

Google is a very big corporation.  Obviously.  What is cool about Google is that there are many jobs that they offer.

One of the jobs that you I researched is a Enterprise Sales Representative.  In that job, you essentially do everything with Google's best financial interest in mind.  You need to be able to project Google to smaller communities in the area.  This is a full-time job based out of Dallas, TX, or remotely out of Houston, TX.  The minimum qualifications for this job are a BA/BS degree, or four years of relevant work experience.  The preferred qualifications however, are eight years of field sales experience handling complete sale cycles, a proven ability to sale small quantities as well as large quantities, ability to meet million dollar quotas, goal oriented, and ability to work independently, as well as within a team.

Another job that I researched was a Program Manager, Hardware Operations.  In this job, you keep the big picture in focus for the company.  This is a full-time job based out of Council Bluffs, IA.  You need to manage project schedules, identify risks, and communicate goals to project stakeholders.  You will have to be able to manage several projects simultaneously.  You will also have to very organized; it is essential that you are planned, and have a goal.  The minimum qualifications for this job are a BA/BS degree, or four years of relevant work experience.  Preferred qualifications are having a Data Center operation background, two years of large-scale project management, and a proven ability to organize large teams and point them in the right direction toward a common goal.

The last job that I researched was a Software Engineer.  In this full-time job based out of Boulder, CO, you are a fixer.  You will be asked to solve many problems that Google may encounter.  You will need to write codes for websites, create high-volume applications, and build internal systems that can be used by thousands of Google users around the world.  The minimum qualification requirements are BS in computer science, programing experience in C++ or Java, two years of work in the field, and basic knowledge of Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The preferred requirements are a MS or PhD in computer science, ten years of work experience, and a solid foundation of computer science as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux.            

Friday, February 15, 2013

Google Drive on iPad

Today I downloaded the Google Drive application onto my iPad. Like I have posted about before about Google Drive, it is very handy to do it on the iPad. Like most things on the iPad vs. the computer, the iPad has less options than the computer. The iPad lets you collaborate on everything that you can on the computer, but you can only create a spreadsheet and document from the iPad. You have to have already created a presentation or drawing on the computer for you to edit a presentation or drawing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Google Drive

Today I fiddled around with Google Drive.  Google Drive is a fun, and productive way for several people to collaborate on one presentation, document, drawing, and other various projects.  You can send your project to people, or leave the project open to the internet.  I found that using Google Drive can be very simple, helpful, and productive.  I hope you find Google Drive to be as useful as I have. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Animating Text

Today I explored two websites that can animate text.  FlashVortex and Glowtxt.

I added two of FlashVortex's animations to my blog.  It is a big disco themed banner that welcomes you to my blog.  The other animation that I added from FlashVortex is a clock.  FlashVortex doesn't just do banners and clocks either.  They also allow you to create texts, menus, and buttons.  You can also put any color in the color wheel on your animations.

Glowtxt is another cool website that you can use to create an animated text.  Glowtxt has a wide variety of fonts to choose from as well as many colors.  You have the option of making your text pulse with color, or swipe with color.

Go check out FlashVortex and Glowtxt now!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There are many Google tricks that are out on the internet.

One cool thing that Google does is Google Loco.  Google Loco is fun because the "Google Loco" logo is moving around; not only that, but each time your courser is in the search bar, the search bar changes color.

Google Chuck Norris.  Nuff said.  ITS CHUCK NORRIS.  Every time you go to the Google Chuck Norris website, you are in for a surprise.  If you proceed and Google something in Google Chuck Norris, it takes you to a Chuck Norris Joke website.  Regardless of your search.

Weenie Google is a form of Google that you should use if you are a weenie.   When you go the the Weenie Google site, it goes from full frame, down to very small to simulate Google being a weenie.  It even has an "I'm Feeling Inadequate" button.    


The Calculator is a good add-on for obvious reasons.  If you are doing homework, or just simply need to figure out an equation, get the calculator add-on. 

BrowserNation Football is another cool add-on because it gives you quick access to your favorite football team. 

Converter seems to be the most interesting add-on because it lets you take a metric unit of measurement, and change it into a customary unit of measurement. 

ESPN Cricinfo is a sidebar add-on that is very handy to those sports fans that spend a lot of time working on the computer.  When you are working, you can get the latest sports news. 

Find Chord is an awesome add-on for those rockin' guitar guys.  Like me!!  It helps you find a guitar chord if you don't know what it is, or you are having a hard time playing a certain chord. 

Free Games is just a simple add-on that is a stress release.  A long day can be a lot easier if you spend five short minutes on a computer game.

Gmail Manager is a helpful add-on that lets you manage multiple accounts in Gmail if you happen to have several.

The Mouse Clicker Counter is a fun little add-on that keeps track of your right and left clicks.  It is very interesting to see the number of clicks you spend on just one website.

I have posted about personas before, that is an add-on by itself.  A persona lets you change the background of your Firefox.

Search image by Google is an add-on that lets you search for something by using the add-on and not having to go to the Google website.   

Friday, February 1, 2013


The Cutest Blog on the Block is a website that you can go to that can liven up your blog.  It has tons and tons of different backgrounds to choose from.  The Cutest Blog on the Block is very handy to use if you have a Blogger blog because The Cutest Blog on the Block is made to suit Blogger Blogs.  Go check out The Cutest Blog on the Block right now!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I added a persona to my Firefox.  A persona is a way to liven up your Firefox browser.  My persona is of the best team in college basketball right now.  The Kansas Jayhawks and Allen Field House.  I also like the Nike persona's as well as the football persona's.  Also, I added a persona add-on to my Firefox tools.  I would recommend doing that if you are like me and want to change your persona every day.  Go set your own Firefox persona right now!!-------->Get Your Persona!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Feedjit is a cool gadget that you can add to your blog to track the people that visit your blog.  It lets you see what browser that person was using, what type of a computer that person was using, where they were from, and how they got to your blog.


Today I learned how to put a Favicon onto my blog.  Most of you have seen a Favicon before.  It is that picture that you see in the address bar.  It is usually the logo of a company.  Nike, Facebook, and Dick's Sporting Goods are just a few of the many websites that have a Favicon.  The best Favicon site that I visited was  It lets you upload a picture that you already have on your computer, or it even lets you draw your image.  If you chose to draw your image though, remember that a Favicon is VERY small, so you you only get a 16x16 block amount of space.  The same rule applies for if you upload a picture; you have to shrink, or lessen the quality of your picture in order for the Favicon to fit in the address bar.  Go check out Favicon today!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

iPad Blogger vs. Computer Blogger

I am making this post from my iPad. I am going to compare using the iPad app "Blogger," vs the computer version of Blogger.
I, personally like the computer version better. The computer version allows you to see all of the cool gadgets that I have put on my blog. The iPad just allows you to posts. The iPad app does, however, allow you to make a blog post from anywhere, which can be handy if you need to make a sudden post about something you saw and HAVE to post about it.

Blogger app Picture

This is a picture of my computer essentials class when the lights are off.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Today I have used what can be one of the most helpful tools on the internet.  It is called Symbaloo.  Symbaloo is like an internet iPad.  You can add your favorite websites to your Symbaloo page which is called a webmix.  It is presented in the format kind of like an iPad presents apps.  If you click on the tile of the website, it will take you directly to that website in a new screen.  You can also have several different webmixes.  If you like to go to a lot of sites about one topic, you could have a separate webmix for that topic.

Another cool feature on Symbaloo is the box in the center.  You can have Google, a stock gadget, or a news gadget from any news source you want (CNN, MSNBC, etc.).  Symbaloo makes it very fast and easy to go to your favorite websites just by the click of the mouse.

Go check out Symbaloo and make your own webmix!!------>